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The programme represents a substantive development in applied science that addresses three primary environmental concerns – firstly, what harmful chemicals are in the environment, secondly, what are the effects of these harmful chemicals, and, thirdly, how can the harmful chemicals and their effects be reduced and/or mitigated?
The aim of the programme is to achieve improved capability for assessing and mitigating the impacts of contaminants in air, land, and water. The programme incorporates basic science research with applied science in relation to environmental contaminants and the development of services to end-users.
It is evident that the programme has the potential, through scientific validation and mitigation techniques, to benefit New Zealand‘s ‘clean and green’ environment status both nationally and internationally. This will affect urban and rural environments, as well as the health of people and ecosystems. It is proposed to achieve the aims of the programme through a new generation of ‘effects-based’ environmental performance indicators integrated with traditional chemical assays.